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    Price manipulation

    Price manipulation, self production and price control transactions

    BIT1919164305 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to Withdraw 78EX

    I have deposited 100usdt to trade and I trade and got about 15 usdt profit and I now decided not to trade again I want withdraw my money but I was unbale to do so

    BIT1769757310 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to Withdraw 78EX
    They said I can't withdraw my money

    I'm trading on this account but can't withdraw my money. they said they have to add more in my swallow account to do trading again. How many platforms are there actually?

    BIT2879266226 Published in Indonesia
    Unable to Withdraw orangex
    I can't remove

    the platform does not allow me to withdraw the money and keeps asking for fees so that the amount we have there is released.

    BIT1879071973 Published in Brazil
    Unable to Withdraw GetBit
    they're stole my money

    the platform is fake ,thay asked me taxfee and they banned my account login and customer service block my number in what's app

    BIT1649220615 Published in Iran
    Others Zhidian
    Zhidianexchange was closed, and exchange-based token was returned to zero. I was removed from the group chat.

    Zhidianexchange was closed, and exchange-based token was returned to zero. I was removed from the group chat.

    北海小渔渔 Published in China
    Scam CHE

    The shill in the chat group kept saying that coin prices were on the rise and we should buy in right now. But the price plummeted !!! Anyone who asked questions or told the truth got muted. And then they just keep cheating others...

    BIT2588183275 Published in China
    Others Pi Network
    Unable to log in often and haven’t heard any progress for three years

    Often failed to log in my account, and haven’t heard any progress for three years. Heard many promises but none is fulfilled. Nothing but a scam!!

    BIT3137708783 Published in China
    Scam Hoo
    UDST price on this platfrom is higher than others

    The USDT price on this platform is 50 cents higher than that of other platforms. I charged 1,000 coins and it cost me 400 yuan more. Still haven’t got any reply from the customer service.

    BIT2631815621 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Deepcoin

    This is a counterfeit black platform. For withdrawal, 2 times account statement of the total assets is required. After that, it said that 28% of the asset’s tax must be paid, and then it said that it is frozen, and 20% of the asset unfreeze fee must be paid. Finally, it said that the 10 % risk release fee must be paid.

    FXNJPbyn8486 Published in Taiwan
    Unable to Withdraw Bibox
    Junk platform

    The junk platform randomly detains and does not say what kind of the risk management is triggered. Detain instead of giving a solution. Does the platform have no money to withdraw coins to customers? Lost money?

    BIT2668949881 Published in China
    Others KKCOIN
    I can’t log in to my previously registered account on KKCOIN. Yesterday I opened KKCOIN and it was blank. I just shut down and restarted my phone for the first time, but it didn’t work. I uninstalled the App and reinstalled it. Who knows how to download . I have 600,000 dollars in my account and don't know how to withdraw it. Is there any good people who can contact me, a KKCOIN user in the United States.

    The account cannot be logged in on the KKCOIN official website at all, and it cannot be downloaded again after uninstallation. At the beginning of October, I want to withdraw the platform and require me to make a profit of 20% after the profit. I made a deposit and paid on the 10/6th. 48 hours later, when I went to withdraw on the 8th, I was told by the customer service that there was an illegal fund in my account. I need to pay 50% of the money and a deposit of 65000 or so to unfreeze the account. I went to collect the money again, and on the 12th, another deposit of 66000 will be paid to the account to pay the deposit. I went to withdraw cash again on the 14th, and the customer service notified me again that my account is a high-risk account. Since the account has been frozen many times, if you want to withdraw immediately, you can pay 50,000 yuan to remove the risk of the high-risk account. Otherwise, you will have to wait two months before you can withdraw it. I said I really don’t have money, so wait for two months on 12/14/21. Who knows that 11/06/21 changed drastically yesterday afternoon. The KKCOIN App is blank and the official website cannot find my account. I don't know what to do now! I hope any kind person can help me. My WeChat ID code is sallykuang89 to see how to download KKCOIN to my phone again, so that I can contact customer service.

    BIT1799880366 Published in United States
    Unable to Withdraw gate.io
    Scam exchange, unable to withdraw

    I submitted a withdrawal several days ago but didn't succeed. The I clicked " cancel " and they said the coin had been withdrawn. I've never seen such a bad exchange, it will surely close down soon.

    BIT3282927676 Published in China
    Others AOFEX
    Scam exchange hired a flock of paid posters in the chatroom, offering shitcoins constantly and playing us for a sucker.

    The price of a bunck of coins in this exchange dropped to zero, and only the paid posters were trading, trying to persuade us to invest.

    BIT2384216308 Published in China
    Scam ETH
    eth asicETHscam

    https://eth-asic.net/#/ETH is not secure. They took my tokens for no reason, and said there would be an airdrop and asked me to purchase tokens to get 4 ETH rewards. But they took my tokens again and asked me to purchase tokens again. Please inform all the investors to be careful.

    BIT1896023006 Published in Taiwan
    scammed in Ausforex

    Hello Everyone , I have been victim of a fraud by a Chinese boy that goes claiming as a professional investor , and show you his resoults, then , he recommends you to put the money in Binance , so till that point everything Ok, but then , he tells you to withdraw the money to Aausforex.xyz. As I am going to show in the pictures , he owe me more than 18k that I cannot withdraw to my Binance account .

    BIT1476608682 Published in Macedonia
    Others Orangex
    Unable to log in

    I could not log in although my money was still there. Beware of it.

    BIT3483227889 Published in China
    Others ZT Global
    The platform harvests leeks seriously, and the boss treats them with caution

    Most coins on the platform cannot be withdrawn. Those who can withdraw money or the handling fee is too expensive, and the price gap between the platform price and other platforms is too large. For example, this kind of currency cannot be withdrawn, and unless you pay the bill of your opponent. There will be a price higher than 1 immediately. Please be careful not to make leeks

    BIT3858775441 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Crypto Infuse
    Unable to withdraw

    I was cheated of $1000 by someone on the platform. I deposited, and four days later I was asked to deposit another $1500. I didn't take a penny, which is not allowed. The company does not provide an investment plan and wants me to deposit another $1500 to start the withdrawal process. Only fools will put their money on an ambiguous platform, which requires deposits to make money. They have their rules and must abide by them. I just want the money I invest. Only $1000. Can you help me?

    BIT1002471594 Published in Brazil
    Scam MEXC Global
    Unable to withdraw

    It promised that I could gain profits if I deposited thousands of yuan. It led me to deposit more during the couple activities. But my account was blocked due to the insufficient deposit. It told me to pay fees and taxes for unlocking. Unable to withdraw.

    FXKPVmfn4019 Published in China
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