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    Unable to Withdraw BitMEX
    Unable to withdraw

    I withdrew at 21:00 August 2, but did not receive it at 16:00 August 3. I could not contact with the customer service. There were many sellers. But after I transferred my assets to one seller, there was only one seller remained at 23:00 August 2. It increased the withdraw volume more than 8,000, which caused many people failing to meet the withdrawal requirements and unable to withdraw cash. There was no response. They might block us. This fraud platform existed from 2014 and still wasn’t reported.

    BIT1708006098 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw LBANK
    Unable to withdraw

    It lost coins and was unable to make compensation. So it used high interest rates to attract customers and scammed them.

    FXUBQylc8050 Published in China
    Others DBIX

    It was reported that a cryptocurrency named DubaiCoin (DBIX) hopped 1000% percent in 24 hours. But the Dubai government has warned investors against this digital coin and said it was nothing but a scam. DubaiCoins' price shot up after a press release asserted that the coin had been titled the official digital currency of Dubai. So all that invest in this Token has lost thier profits stay away from such projects

    BIT9686508842 Published in Nigeria
    Dont invest with this guy he is a scammer

    He created a telegram channel and name it bitcoin tranding community dont invest he will surely scam you stay away from it..

    BIT9686508842 Published in Nigeria
    Others ETH
    Fake Twitter accounts collecting Ethereum stay away from him

    The swindlers usually present a “giveaway promotion” asking a user to send 1 ETH in return for 10 ETH but these addresses never see any outgoing transmissions. Stay away dont even try to send single coins to event

    BIT1558605553 Published in Nigeria
    Scam LocalBitcoins
    How this guy Almost lost 2 BTC to a Sophisticated Scam on LocalBitcoins

    LocalBitcoins is one of the widely used Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin exchange in the world.Arun, who often trades on LBC placed an ad to sell 2 BTC. Two BTC will roughly be about $13,000 USD . He received a trade request from a buyer Shoibsheikh786. The claim that he transferred BTC money and its fake Arun was scammed of almost 2 Bitcoins on LBC with sophisticated methods such as sms spoofing, evidence tampering and downright lying to the admins of localbitcoins. Below are fake alert screenshot and

    BIT1558605553 Published in Nigeria
    Others bitget
    Abnormal profits and losses

    Sometimes I lost a few points of profit for no reason. If I closed the position at 5 or 6 points, I would lost the principal.

    BIT4178188285 Published in China
    Resolved BKEX
    BKEX customer service rejected your request due to various reasons, which was just a scam

    BKEX was full of scams to force traded prices. It might be caused by agents, market or artificial maliciousness.

    BIT1149425148 Published in China
    Others EXX
    Foreign scams of money laundering

    It was suspected of money laundering, scams and account block. It maliciously condoned illegal activities and was still out of regulation abroad.

    BIT1780479412 Published in China

    Being new to crypto and in a hope to earn money i started joining many groups in telegram seeking opinions and assistance on trade signals. My view on groups were, the more people in a group the better it should be.. (ofcourse i never took into account how many bots there could be). One of the groups has 130K https://t.me/Tradingcryptocoach (Trading Crypto Coach) They have a twitter account as well. https://twitter.com/TradingCryptoUS I lost 0.42 bitcoins because of this scam. Avoid fake group

    BIT3980460013 Published in Nigeria
    Scam BAT
    WARNING: Telegram SCAM, "new smart contract". Do NOT send any funds to this address

    WARNING: There is a group named basic attention Token on Telegram scam stating that Bat have created a new BAT smart contract, and that you are required to send BAT to an address in order to secure your BAT. This is NOT real; do NOT send anything to this address. Because I sent my Bat but nothing change in my account Please be careful and always double check which channel you are in. If you've received this scam message or are part of this scam Telegram group, please report the channel..

    BIT3980460013 Published in Nigeria
    Scam BINANCE
    Fake binance offical account on Telegram

    This fake binance offical account are claiming to be an official binance where announced that binance is going to give, giveaway to its Telegram members but before each member to recieve 0.5 BTC he most withdraw or send 0.01 BTC to thier provided bitcoin Wallet address and many people had loose their BTC. it's all scam such scammers are many on Telegram every body you, have to know that no any binance offical will massage you or request some single amount of BTC or any other Token.Noted

    BIT3595355692 Published in Nigeria
    Others VB Global
    VB network

    Unable to log in on both website and app as the picture showed.

    BIT2233579632 Published in China
    Scam NEXO
    This person who is claiming to be Beyhan by name is a scammer on Telegram he is pretending to be an NEXO agent

    This person Beyhan is scamming people on telegram pretending that he is an agent of NEXO he is using this company name to collect people Bitcoins to offered them . “license” so that they can write a story about NEXO and the opportunity to post thier story on the company’s website, some The details weren’t exactly clear, but I strung him along for kicks, as one might do with . So he asked to pay for about 0.23 bitcoin for for company fees which is a lie below are the screenshot profs.

    FXYLWwde9942 Published in Nigeria
    Scam bitcoin
    Be ware of this fake group of traders who are pretending to be Bitcoins world traders on facebook

    Bitcoin Scams on Facebook Facebook has become means of scamming people around the world some bad people are using it to create groups and add huge members just to scam people. A group on Facebook call Bitcoinsworldtraders is claiming to be a real and legit world Bitcoin trader. They are collecting bitcoins from people promising that they will trade and send them profits their convince you to the extend you believe and invest with them.. Below are the pictures proofs of how they scammed me.

    FXYLWwde9942 Published in Nigeria
    Scam AOFEX
    Modify data privately

    Privately changed the platform data without displaying. It prevented memberships from making profits. The customer service did not recognize it yet. But it was obviously a scam.

    BIT2680548363 Published in China
    Others BINANCE
    Binance Decentralized Exchange

    The coins can’t be sold. They can only be bought. If you ask for customer service, they just shirk responsibility and say that this platform does not belong to them.

    跳坑先锋 Published in China
    Others VB Global
    The founder of VB network, Chen Linfeng closed the website and ran away

    Unable to withdraw for more than a year. The broker was empty and could not provide a satisfied solution for users. He should be banned by the coin industry. Here are screenshots.

    BIT2233579632 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Orangex
    Unable to withdraw after gaining profits

    I did coin transaction on the Orange Exchange. But it did not allow me to withdraw profits and principal.

    不一样的烟火 Published in China
    Resolved Orangex
    Unable to withdraw after gaining profits

    It blocked me and rejected my withdrawal.

    不一样的烟火 Published in China
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