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    Others GALA
    Unable to sell

    Why it shows that transction fails when I sell my gala while others can sell it. It is not working even I change the phone. So weird.

    BIT1916677576 Published in China
    Resolved WENX
    Keep maintaining and upgrading

    The account assets have disappeared. The system has been under maintenance for a few days and can’t log in.

    BIT5312469242 Published in China
    Others LOS
    Scam project. The los project party pretends to be a hacker and dump themselves

    Reshuffle the people on OKEX Ios and. Now, they move to Binance and reshuffle other people.

    BIT2236280669 Published in China
    hi im mr vernon cloete

    i have been invite on facebook bh a person called Dunga Joy..thw person introduced me to a platform called bestexperttrades.com..they told me i must deposit money to my luno account and send the money them bestexperttrades.com which i do..firts i send r1000 after that they told me i must send 9800 which i send to upgrade my account after that they told me i must send 8000 for cost of transfer for my profits thats the time i realize this bestexperttrades.com is a scam

    BIT3945646502 Published in South Africa
    Unable to Withdraw No.7 Exchange
    Induced fraud

    Inducing user to do a contract for financial shuffle by offering it for free. It does not allow to withdraw when you earn profit. It only allow you to lose but not gain and also disable users' accounts.

    BIT3714997889 Published in China
    Scam 78EX
    This fraud platform

    They keep ask you to deposit and do not allow you to withdraw. They find someone to be shill and recommends welfare fund task to you. There is no welfare fund activities and rules in the platform, and then add the task to force you to deposit,. No withdrawal is allowed without deposit and your deposits must meet their standard and time limit. If the deposit are not completed in time, the funds will be frozen forever. I am afraid I have bigger loss after deposit. Therefore, I exposure on the platform. They must be a fraud platform.

    BIT4189285463 Published in China
    Others BITANT
    The service charge fee is extremely high! Only get 6000 from 10000 and now the transfer between wallet is even 20% service charge fee!

    The service charge fee is extremely high! Only get 6000 from 10000 and now the transfer between wallet is even 20% service charge fee!

    BIT7616881472 Published in China
    Resolved 78EX
    Unable to withdraw before finishing welfare fund task

    At the beginning, they asked you to take welfare fund tasks and didn’t say that you cannot withdraw before finishing them. Now you are required to deposit before withdrawal and there is also a time limit. I am afraid if they are scammer. What should I do

    BIT4189285463 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Huobi Global
    Huobi is unbale to withdraw and get freezed for no reason

    Huobi cannot withdraw and get freezed for no reason. It does not allow to withdraw and swindle. They use different kinds of excuse to shirk. It's been several months and they haven't dealt with it yet.

    META嬴政 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw 亿比特
    I want to withdraw but being frozen

    It is my first transaction. It cannot be withdrawn after I purchase bitcoin and it is being frozen by them. It just cannot be withdrawn and it was a scam.

    BIT1685756717 Published in Malaysia
    Scam 78EX
    Scam alert!!

    After asked for pay tax in advance, now I got a 50% discount for it, what a scam bag!!!

    BIT3502537158 Published in Australia
    Others TIGER
    DEX ran away

    DEX ran away. Even if the liquid mining pool has created an LP TOKEN, it cannot be pledged. Twitter has not been updated for more than half a year. There are only bots left in the Telegram group, and the project has not yet returned to zero!

    BIT2290318702 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved gate.io
    deposit not credited

    im deposit from my trustwallet to gate io wallet on 12 november 2021 but until now my spot acount in gate io still not credited

    BIT3151427602 Published in Indonesia
    Others LXT
    Domestic poor project

    Everyone, please don’t trade with this domestic junk coin, the trading volume is all in Huobi.

    BIT8153435462 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw OKEX

    The contract was harvested twice, and the third time I bought coins for TFM. Mentioned the fantom network and I didn’t get the account directly. The customer service asked me to wait and say nothing or deal with it. I added it to the blacklist.

    iiiio Published in China
    Scam BINANCE
    paxd telegram bot

    they will ask you to send a transaction fee

    BIT4172715436 Published in Nigeria
    Others OKEX
    Misleading contract operation

    The operation of Ouyi's contract is different from other platforms. If you want to close a position, only stop loss and stop profit can be triggered. Do not close the position or your contract has just triggered the stop profit and close position. The operation of their platform is your contract. The open and close system that has already appeared on the market will automatically open a new contract for you. It’s too disgusting. The other platform’s liquidation is the direct exit of Ouyi’s position. The system will automatically advise you to open a new contract when you have not made a contract. Don't trade on this garbage platform

    iiiio Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw BINANCE
    Unable to withdraw

    Unable to withdraw since

    Daododo Published in Nigeria
    Unable to Withdraw 78EX
    Unable to withdraw

    After keep going asking to recharge the asset and promising can withdraw after finish the task, suddenly have to pay tax in advance before withdrawing, I couldn't afford it to pay, asking to do it cut off with capital gain, they said no and end up freeze my account, so beware before agree to trading.

    BIT3502537158 Published in Australia
    Unable to Withdraw HTMOON
    Unable to sell

    The investment in the wallet was unable to sell or trade. It cheated me and caused losses.

    FXPRScpy4816 Published in China
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