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    Others Zhidian
    The Zhidian has absconded and taken my over five thousands RMB

    I spent over five thousands RMB to buy zd coin and locked postition for two years. The Zhidian was absconded and the coin cannot be withdrawn. It was taken by the boss of Zhidian.

    Published in China
    Others ZGYE
    Unable to trade

    Unable to trade and it is lagging so hard. It always crashes when there is big situation. Trash exchange.

    BIT2827437115 Published in China
    Others yhk888
    The exchange was absconded and cannot get money back

    The website of exchange cannot log in and they have absconded. The money was in the exchange and cannot get it back

    FXLTRguq6413 Published in Taiwan
    Others Uniswap V1
    I finished the aidrop but I don't receive the token

    Here is the link when i do the aidrop: https://unifswap.com/?dre=2D7A1

    BIT3050892457 Published in Vietnam
    Others BTC
    I was deceived, can I get my sent btc back

    There is a website that tells me I have mined a lot of btc. If i want to liquidate, I have to pay a fee and I have sent a withdrawal fee.

    BIT3050892457 Published in Vietnam
    Others GALA
    Unable to sell

    Why it shows that transction fails when I sell my gala while others can sell it. It is not working even I change the phone. So weird.

    BIT1916677576 Published in China
    Resolved WENX
    Keep maintaining and upgrading

    The account assets have disappeared. The system has been under maintenance for a few days and can’t log in.

    BIT5312469242 Published in China
    Others LOS
    Scam project. The los project party pretends to be a hacker and dump themselves

    Reshuffle the people on OKEX Ios and. Now, they move to Binance and reshuffle other people.

    BIT2236280669 Published in China
    Others BITANT
    The service charge fee is extremely high! Only get 6000 from 10000 and now the transfer between wallet is even 20% service charge fee!

    The service charge fee is extremely high! Only get 6000 from 10000 and now the transfer between wallet is even 20% service charge fee!

    BIT7616881472 Published in China
    Others TIGER
    DEX ran away

    DEX ran away. Even if the liquid mining pool has created an LP TOKEN, it cannot be pledged. Twitter has not been updated for more than half a year. There are only bots left in the Telegram group, and the project has not yet returned to zero!

    BIT2290318702 Published in Taiwan
    Resolved gate.io
    deposit not credited

    im deposit from my trustwallet to gate io wallet on 12 november 2021 but until now my spot acount in gate io still not credited

    BIT3151427602 Published in Indonesia
    Others LXT
    Domestic poor project

    Everyone, please don’t trade with this domestic junk coin, the trading volume is all in Huobi.

    BIT8153435462 Published in China
    Others OKEX
    Misleading contract operation

    The operation of Ouyi's contract is different from other platforms. If you want to close a position, only stop loss and stop profit can be triggered. Do not close the position or your contract has just triggered the stop profit and close position. The operation of their platform is your contract. The open and close system that has already appeared on the market will automatically open a new contract for you. It’s too disgusting. The other platform’s liquidation is the direct exit of Ouyi’s position. The system will automatically advise you to open a new contract when you have not made a contract. Don't trade on this garbage platform

    iiiio Published in China
    Others AOA
    Price manipulation

    Price manipulation, self production and price control transactions

    BIT1919164305 Published in Vietnam
    Others Zhidian
    Zhidianexchange was closed, and exchange-based token was returned to zero. I was removed from the group chat.

    Zhidianexchange was closed, and exchange-based token was returned to zero. I was removed from the group chat.

    北海小渔渔 Published in China
    Others Pi Network
    Unable to log in often and haven’t heard any progress for three years

    Often failed to log in my account, and haven’t heard any progress for three years. Heard many promises but none is fulfilled. Nothing but a scam!!

    BIT3137708783 Published in China
    Others KKCOIN
    I can’t log in to my previously registered account on KKCOIN. Yesterday I opened KKCOIN and it was blank. I just shut down and restarted my phone for the first time, but it didn’t work. I uninstalled the App and reinstalled it. Who knows how to download . I have 600,000 dollars in my account and don't know how to withdraw it. Is there any good people who can contact me, a KKCOIN user in the United States.

    The account cannot be logged in on the KKCOIN official website at all, and it cannot be downloaded again after uninstallation. At the beginning of October, I want to withdraw the platform and require me to make a profit of 20% after the profit. I made a deposit and paid on the 10/6th. 48 hours later, when I went to withdraw on the 8th, I was told by the customer service that there was an illegal fund in my account. I need to pay 50% of the money and a deposit of 65000 or so to unfreeze the account. I went to collect the money again, and on the 12th, another deposit of 66000 will be paid to the account to pay the deposit. I went to withdraw cash again on the 14th, and the customer service notified me again that my account is a high-risk account. Since the account has been frozen many times, if you want to withdraw immediately, you can pay 50,000 yuan to remove the risk of the high-risk account. Otherwise, you will have to wait two months before you can withdraw it. I said I really don’t have money, so wait for two months on 12/14/21. Who knows that 11/06/21 changed drastically yesterday afternoon. The KKCOIN App is blank and the official website cannot find my account. I don't know what to do now! I hope any kind person can help me. My WeChat ID code is sallykuang89 to see how to download KKCOIN to my phone again, so that I can contact customer service.

    BIT1799880366 Published in United States
    Others AOFEX
    Scam exchange hired a flock of paid posters in the chatroom, offering shitcoins constantly and playing us for a sucker.

    The price of a bunck of coins in this exchange dropped to zero, and only the paid posters were trading, trying to persuade us to invest.

    BIT2384216308 Published in China
    Others Orangex
    Unable to log in

    I could not log in although my money was still there. Beware of it.

    BIT3483227889 Published in China
    Others ZT Global
    The platform harvests leeks seriously, and the boss treats them with caution

    Most coins on the platform cannot be withdrawn. Those who can withdraw money or the handling fee is too expensive, and the price gap between the platform price and other platforms is too large. For example, this kind of currency cannot be withdrawn, and unless you pay the bill of your opponent. There will be a price higher than 1 immediately. Please be careful not to make leeks

    BIT3858775441 Published in China
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