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    Others Zhidian
    The Zhidian has absconded and taken my over five thousands RMB

    I spent over five thousands RMB to buy zd coin and locked postition for two years. The Zhidian was absconded and the coin cannot be withdrawn. It was taken by the boss of Zhidian.

    Published in China
    Scam MEXC Global
    The counterfeited MEXC exchange and I was told to be cleared. Request to log in to the website to fill in the information!

    Yesterday, I received a text message and informing me that "My MEXC exchange account has been cleared, please log on to the website to appeal and withdraw" followed by a link similar to MEXC. I was shocked at the time because it was caused by the recent domestic situation. Then I thought: No, I log in to MEXC every day and there is no announcement about clearing out. Then, I enter their website to have a look. It's very realistic. But the "recover account immediately" that they wrote below is not coordinated in any way. Shouldn't it be "login"? ? ? So, I immediately entered the MEXC APP to ask. The result is surely fake. The more this time, the more various scammers show up. I can receive seven or eight messy calls a day, but as long as I see a non-normal displayed call, I always hang up. Please be careful! ! !

    BIT4212146137 Published in China
    Scam Huobi Global
    Huobi is a scam company

    Huobi system manipulation. They will do funny things to make u losing if u trade with leverage.Avoid huobi at all cost. I cant control my crypto asset anymore in Huobi account. Huobi just confiscated all my deposit. Huobi sell fake USDT cryptocurrency too.

    Published in Singapore
    Others ZGYE
    Unable to trade

    Unable to trade and it is lagging so hard. It always crashes when there is big situation. Trash exchange.

    BIT2827437115 Published in China
    This company steals people

    I deposited money with them and decided I did not want to stay there and they are not willing to pay back the investment and even the profit. They told me to pay part of their commission. Then they told me to add more.

    Published in Israel
    Others yhk888
    The exchange was absconded and cannot get money back

    The website of exchange cannot log in and they have absconded. The money was in the exchange and cannot get it back

    FXLTRguq6413 Published in Taiwan
    Scam CHE
    The official Chinese telegram group recommends the scam project shockwave

    In November 10. 2021, cherryswap claimed on the official website that shockwave is the best machine gun pool project in oec and induced users to participate in its pool of pledge mining waves. On November 24, cherry officially confirmed that shockwave had abscond and took away users' tokens that worth at least $1.6 million. The official did not follow up the incident or be responsible for it, and regarded the rights defenders in the group as malicious smearing, which is chilling.

    mmzz Published in China
    Others Uniswap V1
    I finished the aidrop but I don't receive the token

    Here is the link when i do the aidrop: https://unifswap.com/?dre=2D7A1

    BIT3050892457 Published in Vietnam
    Unable to Withdraw RHY
    Exposed by themselves, RHY seems to be abscond

    RHY exposes their badness that not allowing to withdraw and threaten the customer who maintain their legal rights. rubbish!

    FXMHLeuv1048 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw ANE
    Unable to withdraw

    When I process withdrawal, customer service Ane requires me to pay over 20% tax and my fund will be frozen if I do not pay on time. After fund being frozen, I require customer service to provide contact person, phone number, and address. I will hire a lawyer to address this, but the customer service refuse to provide it. I feel that whole platform are not formal and suspect that this platform is scammer. Everyone be caution.

    Candiceding Published in United States
    Others BTC
    I was deceived, can I get my sent btc back

    There is a website that tells me I have mined a lot of btc. If i want to liquidate, I have to pay a fee and I have sent a withdrawal fee.

    BIT3050892457 Published in Vietnam
    Resolved Pi Network
    when you send 50 pi test in their Blockchain show 100 pi network is lie

    pi network is scan I use pi network coin test transfer to some one not get the coin in I send 50pi but in their Blockchain show that is 100 I send tha av to now the Parsons did reseave the coin

    BIT1358484250 Published in Nigeria
    Unable to Withdraw BQB
    Not allowing to withdraw and no reply form customer service

    It requires to reach 40% trading volumn. I cannot withdraw them all and have to pay 10% tax.

    BIT1976198531 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw StormGain
    Unable to withdraw, deposit, and trade. Cannot withdraw

    Withdrawal are not processed. No customer service department and no response after sending support.

    BIT4145984820 Published in Vietnam
    Scam TRX
    requested to make a payment before withdrawal

    the bot gave an address to pay a certain amount of TRX before withdrawal

    BIT2417800535 Published in Nigeria
    Scam PIG
    Trash coin manipulation

    Pig coins are completed manipulated. It will keep falling and falling without bottom line once you buy it.

    BIT2803402457 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw RHY
    Clearing out Chinese users, but not allowing to withdraw

    After a year of hard mining, they do not allowe to withdraw earnings. It was said that it is clearing out, but seizing the assets and earnings.

    BIT3441974165 Published in China
    Scam CHE
    Induce usere to Ponzi scheme

    The Che group announced that wave is the best mining pool in its user base. Many users pledged for mining. As a result, the wave abscond in less than a month. The Che team did nothing and deleted all its information about propagating the wave.

    BIT9739256362 Published in China
    Unable to Withdraw Orangex
    Unable to withdraw

    I can't withdraw my money when I asked the call center, it always said that I must make transaction equal the volume. After I try to trade on that volume, I still can't withdraw. MUST NOT USE THIS platform and avoid scammer from tinder.

    BIT1320738905 Published in Thailand
    Unable to Withdraw Pi Network

    I am not sure of the value but I have heard that it doesn't have one but will soon get a value so we r unable to withdraw.

    FXFHFkic7623 Published in Nigeria
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